2000 Mount Mary Pinot Noir


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Mount Mary Pinot Noir is one of Australia’s best Pinot Noir’s, it is an elegant fruit driven Pinot Noir that builds up complexity over time.  Mount Mary Pinot Noir’s are somewhere between light to medium bodied, generally towards the lighter end of the medium bodied scale.  Eagerly sought by Pinot Noir collectors, Mount Mary make a Pinot Noir that can be cellered for many years.  There isn’t a lot of Mount Mary Pinot Noir produced, it is expensive, it is hard to find for sale and wine collectors who are fortunate enough to own these wines seem to want to hang on to them, not a lot of Mount Mary Pinot Noir is traded on the secondary wine market.

The Pinot Noir vines planted at Mount Mary came from Western Victoria in 1971.  These vines were planted before individual clonal selections had been considered and a visiting French Ampelographer (Vine Expert) advised Mount Mary that the original Pinot block contained a mix of 30 + Pinot clones.  Further plantings of Pinot Noir have been selections from the original block at Mount Mary, and the clonal selection has been refined.  Only about 10% of the vineyard at Mount Mary is planted to Pinot Noir.

Back in the winery, the wine making process is all about simplicity.  Mount Mary Pinot Noir undergoes a short fermentation of around 7 days with no cold soaks or post fermentration maceration.  The Pinot Noir is then matured in oak for 22 months.  Mount Mary Pinot Noir see’s very little new French oak, only around 15% (new barriques 225L) and 25% of the blend is matured in large format oak (1500L or larger).

Wine Makers Tasting Note 2008 – Lovely round palate. Good length and acidity. Strong tannins, needs time. Another one of the best.